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Book 2 in the Merlin's Heir Series

Cursed Queen. Scorned Witch. Deadly Betrayal. 


While her spell may be broken, Morgwese’s curse still haunts the Knights Templar. Queen Lore wakes with no memory of her former life, and as attempts to restore her fail, Merle uses her new powers to glimpse into the future. The vision she induces gives one clear instruction: Find Morgana Le Fae. 


But there’s a traitor in the Templar with their own plans in mind. When an ancient dagger is stolen and a mutinous plot uncovered, Merle and the knights must navigate hundreds of years of treachery and treason to find Morgana’s hiding place before the enemy makes their move. 


In a deadly race for the summit, Merle fights for her life and Lore’s future— can she get to the witch before it’s too late? Will Morgana help them if she does?

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Book 1 in the Merlin's Heir Series

Mysterious Shadows. Arthurian Legend. Dangerous magic. 


Ten years after her father's disappearance, Merle Wilde has lost hope that she’ll ever find answers. Her Mum is convinced he was taken by the Shadows that prowl the walls of their home, but no one else can see them. In a last ditch attempt to save herself, Merle returns to the faery rings and makes a bloodwish. Will she find the answers she seeks?


The Knights of the Round Table face extinction. For hundreds of years the knights have protected the true heirs to the throne of Camelot from the faery realm. But now, the evil Queen Morgwese is determined to claim the throne for herself and the Knights Templar can no longer contain her fury. As Morgwese’s power threatens to overwhelm them, they must start the search for Merlin’s Heir, the only sorcerer who can banish her for good. 


When the mysterious Ren enters Merle's life, claiming she’s the lost heir of the great wizard Merlin, and that the Shadows are not what they seem, Merle is catapulted into a world of magic, adventure, and legend. Tasked with protecting the Pendragon's and with time running out, Merle must convince the Knights of the Round Table that she can claim Merlin's magic and defeat Morgwese, before the fae bring ruin to them all.

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